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Below are some services Ramon does for fellow aspiring creators or anyone who simply needs help telling their story.

The Comic Arts Workshop
Ramon leads an online school and supportive community of aspiring comic creators and graphic novelists learning and growing together. We've produced a few anthologies and put on comic cons and a symposium. Weekly class meetings and co-working sessions. We also hold monthly events open to non-members.
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Art & Production
Whether it's cover art, title design, lettering, coloring, page layout - Ramon is available for the right comic project.
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Crowd Funding Videos
Ramon has had several successful Kickstarter projects. The key is having a great video which Ramon can produce for you.
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Event Organizing
In previous careers, Ramon has organized all kinds of events. Most recently, he has put together panels discussions, Diversity Comic Con and the Symposium on Comic Arts. Ramon is available to help organize something for your organization.
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The Comics Career Manual - Free PDF
Some great pointers from Ramon and other established pros in how to have a career in comics. Request a free copy.

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