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Through the Comic Arts Workshop, Diversity Comic Con and the Symposium on Comic Arts, Ramon has amassed a growing collection of talks, panels and interviews from many industry pros.

  • Reilly Brown: Comic Illustrator Extraordinaire - Watch
    Reilly Brown is an American comic book artist and writer. Following his graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2003, he has drawn various comics for Marvel Comics including The Amazing Spider-Man, New Warriors, and Incredible Hercules, as well as the digital comic AvX. (July 2024)

  • Barbra Dillon - EIC, Fanbase Press - Watch
    Barbra is the intrepid editor-in-chief of Fanbase Press which celebrates fandoms and creates new ones! As an Eisner, Harvey, and GLAAD Media Awards-nominated comic book publisher and geek culture website, Fanbase Press produces new and distinctive works, as well as daily reviews, interviews, and podcasts. (June 2024)

  • Joan Hilty: Cartoonist, Editor & Educator - Watch
    Joan Hilty is an editor, cartoonist, and educator. She was a longtime editor at DC Comics and later co-founded the boutique book packaging company Pageturner. Formerly at Nickelodeon, she‘s currently executive editor of Avatar Studios, a production company of Paramount Animation. (June 2024)

  • Hunter Gorinson: Oni Press - Watch
    The President and Publisher of One Press, one of the most well respected publishers in comics, will talk about his career and the business of comics. (May 2024)

  • Paul Kupperberg: From Comics Fan to Creator - Watch
    Paul is from that first generation of comic book writers who grew up as actual comic book fans. We'll talk about how he broke in, what it was like and how his generation changed the industry. (May 2024)

  • Enrica and Peter Jang: The Horror Genre - Watch
    Red Stylo Publisher, Enrica Jang and her brother Actor/Filmmaker Peter Jang will talk about their work and horror! (April 2024)

  • Jonah Newman: Distinguished Alumni - Watch
    One of our founding members, Jonah Newman now has a graphic novel out called Out of Left Field. Jonah will be telling us about his journey including being a graphic novel editor. (April 2024)

  • Jamar Nicholas: Take Two! - Watch
    We had so much fun talking to Jamar, creator of Leon: The Extraordinaire (Scholastic) that we're doing it again! (March 2024)

  • Niall O'Rourke: Creator of Squish and Squash - Watch
    Niall tells us about his journey to getting his graphic novel published. (February 2024)

  • Sebastian Martinez-Kadlecik: Quince - Watch
    Sebastian is the creator of the Quince, which was an Eisner Award nominee, a MacDuffie Award finalist and is presently in development as a film. (October 2023)

  • Joyce Wan - Children's Book Author - Watch
    Joyce is an author and illustrator of best-selling books for children such as You Are My Cupcake, The Whale in My Swimming Pool, Peek-A-Boo Farm, Peep and Egg: I'm Not Hatching, and Sleepyheads. (October 2023)

  • Adam Beechen: Writer of Comics and Animation - Watch
    Adam has written comics for Nickelodeon's Rug Rats, and Rocket Power. For DC he's worked on Batgirl, Justice League, Teen Titans Go and Countdown to Final Crisis. He also penned his own graphic novels, Hench, Bello, Dugout and Killapalooza. (September 2023)

  • Janet K. Lee: Self-publishing vs Getting Published - Watch
    Janet made her first foray into illustration in 2010 by co-creating Return of the Dapper Men with writer Jim McCann which garnered a record-setting five Eisner nominations, winning the award for Best New Graphic Album. (August 2023)

  • William Patrick Murray: Working with Licensed Characters - Watch
    William is an American novelist, journalist, short story, and comic book writer. Much of his fiction has been published under pseudonyms. With artist Steve Ditko, he co-created the superhero Squirrel Girl. (July 2023)

  • I'm Getting Published! - Listen
    Jonah Newman (Andrews McMeel), Pat Higgins (Scout) and Greg Maldonado (DC). We'll pepper them with questions about this major milestone for comic artists and writers. How did they get their break? What were negotiations like? How has their life changed? What happens now? (February 2023)

  • Kris Longo: Heavy Metal Magazine - Watch
    Kris is the Chief Sales Officer and Interim Publisher of long-running Heavy Metal Magazine. He will be talking about comics, his career and what plans he can share with us for Heavy Metal. (February 2023)

  • Moni Barrette: American Library Association - Watch
    Moni is the president of the Graphic Novel and Comics Roundtable of the American Library Association. She talked about what the ALA does and how creators can work with libraries in promoting their work. (January 2023)

  • Dean Haspiel: Emmy and Ringo winning Cartoonist - Watch
    Join as we pepper Emmy and Ringo award-winning Brooklyn cartoonist Dean Haspiel with questions about creating Billy Dogma, The Red Hook, and his collaborations with writer Harvey Pekar on his American Splendor series. We will also be talking about his latest book Covid Cop now on Kickstarter. (March 2023)

  • Lisa Wu Two! - Watch
    The intrepid Lisa Wu returns to update us on her career, comic book marketing and the Top Cow Talent Hunt! She will also be taking questions. (November 2022)

  • Tyler Chin-Tanner: Co-publisher, A Wave Blue World - Watch
    Publishing through AWBW, Tyler writes graphic novels including the New York Times featured American Terrorist and edits anthologies such as the New York Times featured All We Ever Wanted, art books like Punkrock* Jazz. (October 2022)

  • Randy Reynaldo: One-Man Show! - Listen
    For over 25 years, Randy has been the the writer, artist, and publisher of the long-running Rob Hanes Adventures and has earned several awards along the way. (July 2022)

  • Jamar Nicholas: Scholastic Author - Watch
    A cozy chat with the author of the award-winning Leon: Defendender of the Playground and how the children's market is booming. (June 2022)

  • The Fall and Rise of Comics in the 90s - Watch
    An interesting panel discussion on what happened to the industry at the end of the last millennium. With Tom DeFalco, Elliot S. Maggin and Heidi MacDonald. (May 2022)

  • Shelly Bond: Editor & Publisher - Watch
    Shelly will talk about her career, what it's like to launch a publishing line and life as an editor. She has worked for over three decades in comics at companies great and small including a 22-year run at DC's Vertigo imprint to creating Black Crown for IDW, and Kickstarting many successful projects through Off Register Press. (April 2022)

  • Tom Hart, Sequential Arts Workshop - Watch
    An inspiring talk about "Product versus Process" for our Symposium on Comic Arts. Tom is the founder of the Florida-based Sequential Arts Workshop. (February 2022)

  • Gina Gagliano on Censorship in Comics - Watch
    How censorship happens and affects the comics industry. Gina is the head of Random House Graphix. (February 2022)

  • Oriana Leckart on Crowdfunding - Watch
    This Kickstarter executive gives an update on the current state of crowdfunding for comics. (February 2022)

  • The Role of Comics in Education - Watch
    Nick Sousanis discusses how Comics can be a valuable tool in education. (February 2022)

  • Anthony Marques: Genre and Demographic Shifts - Watch
    Kubert School president discusses the changes he sees as an educator of young creators. (October 2022)

  • Regine Sawyer: Unionization - Watch
    Exploring the options for forming a Union or Guild for comic creators. Regine is the founder of Women in Comics NYC Collective International. (February 2022)

  • The International Comics Scene - Watch
    A fun glimpse into what comics are like from around the world. With Budjette Tan (Philippines), Mark Siegel (France), Zaid Adham (Saudi Arabia) and Josipa Cok (Serbia). Moderated by Heidi MacDonald. (October 2021)

  • The Authentic Voice: Showing "isms" in Comic Stories - Watch
    What are the pitfalls when using slurs and derogatory language to show bigotry in stories. With Joe Illidge, Evan Narcisse and Ivan Velez. Moderated by Saori Adams. (October 2021)

  • Countering Asian Hate - Watch
    Is there anything we can do as storytellers to either bring Racism against Asians to light or even lessen its occurrence? With Enrica Jang, Joshua Luna and Wendy Chin-Tanner. Moderated by Prof. Kyunghee Pyun. (October 2021)

  • John Jackson Miller - Comichron - Listen
    John Jackson Miller is a best selling author who has written for Marvel, Dark Horse and has written Star Wars and Star Trek novels. He is the founder of Comichron which has been tracking comic book sales since 2007.(June 2021)

  • Breaking Into Hollywood - Watch
    A Diversity Comic Con panel discussion on selling your IP to Hollywood. With Vivek Tiwary, Alex Segura, Robert Scull and Shanty Harmayn. Moderated by Gamal Hennessy.(October 2020)

  • On Being Marginalized in Comics - Watch
    What is it like to be a creator of color in today's comic industry. With Omar Mirza, Regine Sawyer and Amy Chu. Moderated by Fabrice Sapolsky. (October 2020)

  • Scholastic Panel - Watch
    The people behind Scholastic Graphics talk about their work. With Jonah Newman, Megan Peace and Phil Falco. Moderated by Carli Spina. (October 2020)

  • Using Current Events As Inspiration - Watch
    How can you use the news for your stories? With Alex Sanchez, Kiku Hughes and Elle McKinney. Moderated by Andrea Colvin. (October 2020)

  • DC Presents "Represent!: It's A Bird" - Watch
    DC Comics introduces it's latest anthology of diverse stories. With Christian Cooper and Alitha Martinez. Moderated by Michael Polson. (October 2020)

  • Q & A with Kiku Hughes - Watch
    Kyunghee Pyun interviews the author of Displacement form MacMillan/First Second. (October 2020)

  • Q & A with Mika Song - Watch
    Ed Murr talks to the author of Donut Feed the Squirrels. (October 2020)

  • Shawn Martinbrough: Keynote - Watch
    The keynote address for the 2021 Diversity Comic Con by this legendary award-winning creator. (October 2020)

  • COVID-19's Impact on the Comics Industry - Watch
    Panelists will discuss their experiences during the pandemic. With Stanford Carpenter, John Siuntres, Gina Gagliano, and Andy Schmidt. Moderated by Heidi MacDonald. (October 2020)

  • David Campiti: Doing Everything! - Watch
    David is an American animation producer, comic book writer, talent agent, and co-founder of Innovation Publishing. (November 2020)

  • Tintin Pantoja: Children's Graphic Novel Illustrator - Watch
    Graphic Novel artist Tintin Pantoja illustrated the graphic novel Who is AC? written by Hope Larson, Unplugged and Unpopular with Mat Heagerty, Hamlet: The Manga Edition and three volumes of Graphic Universe's Manga Math series. (December 2020)

  • Cristian Aluas: Graphic Novelist & Author - Watch
    Cristian S. Aluas is a graphic novelist, most notably Big Boss: Gun For Hire, and a full-time commercial illustrator for over 18 years. His latest book, IT'S A LIVING: Surviving as a Freelancer in the 21st Century aims to help indie creators so they can have a sustainable career doing what they love. (October 2020)

  • Janice Chiang: Veteran Letter Artist - Watch
    Janice Chiang has worked for practically every major comic book publisher (Marvel, DC, Archie, Image, etc) since even before digital lettering. (September 2020)

  • Madison Furr: The Publicist's Life - Watch
    Madison, from MacMillan Publishing, will be talking about the role of publicity in an author's work and career. (August 2020)

  • The Unstoppable Jaydee Rosario - Watch
    Jaydee Rosario will talk all about the nuts and bolts of self-publishing his line of Unstoppable Comics! A must for anyone who wants to do it all on their own! (July 2020)

  • Heidi MacDonald! Working in Comics - Watch
    Heidi will be sharing her insights into the realities of working in the comics industry. Heidi has worked for all the major publishers and is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Beat, the most trusted and respected source of news and information about the comic book industry. (June 2020)

  • David Saylor: Scholastic Graphix - Watch
    David is the founder and publisher of Graphix, Scholastic's groundbreaking graphic novel imprint. Through this first-of-its-kind imprint, Graphix has published books by Dav Pilkey, Raina Telgemeier, Jeff Smith, Kazu Kibuishi, and Jarrett J. Krosoczka. (April 2020)

  • Susan Graham - Agents, Publishers & Comics - Listen
    Susan Graham, of Einstein Literary Management, will talk about their career, their work and the role and value of an agent to a comic creator in the world of publishing. (September 2019)

  • Gina Gagliano - Publishing Director, Random House Graphics - Listen
    Formerly with First Second Books, Gina is now heading up the graphic novel efforts of Random House Publishing. Gina will talk about her work, her take on the graphic novel industry and some insights on being a graphic novelist. (August 2019)

  • Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo: Greenlight Bookstores - Listen
    Jessica shares her thoughts and insights on the retail side of comics and graphic novels. What helps a book sell, how can a creator get stocked by a bookstore, and more! (July 2019)

  • Michael Jan Friedman - An Author's Life - Listen
    Science fiction and fantasy author Michael Jan Friedman will talk about his career, his work on Star Trek, Aliens, Predator and more! (May 2019)

  • Andrea Colvin - Editor-in-Chief Extraordinaire! - Listen
    Then editor-in-chief of LionForge, Andrea will be talking about her career, LionForge and offering some advice on how to break into the industry. (March 2019)

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